Steps to plan a home renovation project

Home Renovation can be interesting or hectic. You can end up losing your money & efforts. To avoid the chaos it is important to plan a remodel. Before hiring a renovation company or contractor it is important to plan the project. Planning can help you identify your needs & wants.

Plan a remodel in five steps

Consider these 5 steps in planning a renovation. Use these steps for planning a home remodel to choose how to order, prioritize and build a detailed home project plan that will help reduce your stress level while keeping you on budget and on schedule.

  1. Detailed Project Plan
  2. Project Budget
  3. Hire a Renovation Company
  4. Define the timeline
  5. Pack up and prepare for your home renovation

Detailed Project Plan

Making a project plan is the first step to renovate your home. Clearly states the goals for your renovation. You should include designing inspiration and an outline of the work that needs to be completed. Your plan should include the blue prints or sketches of your finished project. List down all the needs and wants. 

Project Budget

The next step when planning a home renovation is to determine your budget and financing. Your budget should cover the costs for building materials, labor costs and the cost of decorations or cosmetic touches. Decide how much you want to spend. Set aside at least 15% of your budget for unexpected costs. To be on a safer side you can contact a professional for cost estimation. If your cost estimates do not fit in your budget, eliminate project elements that are a lower priority or contact multiple contractors to find the best option for your budget. Learn more how to budget for a home remodel?

Hire a company offering Renovation Services

Next step in your home project planning, you’ll need to hire a company offering Renovation services. Shortlist the companies best fit for the project. You can use search engines to shortlist the companies. Before hiring consider the years of experience, contracting license, references, number of completed projects, payment schedule, cost estimations and the process they follow. After complete satisfaction go for the best option. Learn more on how to hire a company for renovation services

Define the Timeline

After your budget is finalized and the team is in place you need to define the timeline. Choose a start date & sit down with your team. Together divide the project into small phases and each phase will have multiple tasks. For task you need to define the number of resource and time estimation to complete the specific task. Similarly follow the pattern for all tasks. In the end compile the phases and you will come up with the timeline. Later, make sure the timeline is followed. Remember, if the timeline exceeds the over all budget of the project will exceed. 

Pack up & Prepare for the Renovation

The last step is to packup , it’s time to prep the space and make plans to avoid using the room while it’s under construction. It depends upon the plan if you have planned to renovate the house room by room it will be easier for you to make it available for the team to perform tasks easily. In case you have planned for major renovation, you might need to shift to new place for a time period.